The ABCs of Medicare and TRICARE for Life

While service members, military retirees, and their families are generally familiar with their healthcare options, most people don't understand what happens to their TRICARE coverage when they turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare. I'll explain all the acronyms and buzzwords, when (and how) you need to sign up for Medicare, why you might (or might not) want a Medicare Advantage Plan, and how TRICARE for Life works with Medicare. I’ll also discuss how your Modified Adjusted Gross Income can impact your Medicare premium and the steps you might want to take in the years before you enroll.

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Tax Matters in the Military Community

The military community has special tax matters and benefits that are not available to most Americans. During this session, we will discuss the most common tax issues our service members and their spouses encounter when filing personal income taxes and the resources available to both you and your clients.

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Money In the Middle: Planning, Transitions, and Financial Well-Being

We will discuss taking a life planning approach to supporting clients through major life transitions and phases, including military retirement, career changes, empty nesting, using elements of financial well-being as a framework for exploration. Life transitions often bring changes to our sense of identity, status, purpose, and need/desire for autonomy. Military pensions and benefits can provide a golden opportunity from which to re-imagine our lives for the next phase. The purpose of life planning it to help clients create and live lives of meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction. This interactive session will explore different ways of supporting our clients, both men and women, through these transitions. Money is the tool that we use to build a great life. Financial planning helps clients have the confidence to use that tool effectively in their own lives.

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Life, Love, and Money: Changing the Story of Women and Money

Statistics around women and money are stark. We need to expand the way we talk with women about money and to expand the way we talk about financial life planning for women. Join us for a solution oriented discussion of financial life planning challenges for women, particularly those we face a we transition from our 40s, to our 50s, and into retirement. Practical solutions require collaborative, divergent thinking, or thinking like a real financial planner. Participants will leave the session with an understanding of the challenges and tools to help clients design solutions that work for their lives.

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