The Survivor Benefit Plan: What You Need To Know To Help Your Clients Decide

Opting in or out of the military's Survivor Benefit Plan is the biggest financial decision most retiree families will make in their lifetimes. They'll need two things to make the best choice for their unique situation. First, they need an accurate understanding of the program. Then, they’ll need a framework for evaluating their needs. Your goal is to have the right information and help your clients apply that information logically. You can dispel myths and misconceptions, identify needs, and share the pros and cons of other estate planning tools. You can also encourage a timeline that gives your clients the necessary space to explore all their options. In this interactive session, we’ll explore the nuances of the SBP and help you develop the language to encourage productive evaluation of its place in within a larger financial plan. We’ll also share strategies that help your clients feel confident in whatever they decide.

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