Frequently asked questions

What is MilMoneyCon?

MilMoneyCon is the event for financial professionals united by military service. Its mission is to bring service members, veterans, and military spouses together to build and progress their careers, continue their education, and grow their earning power as practicing or rising financial professionals.

It’s a place to foster community and ignite conversations among military financial professionals.

Why attend MilMoneyCon?

Here are some reasons to attend the first MilMoneyCon.

  • To get the latest industry news
  • Make connections
  • Get your questions answered
  • Find employment and earning opportunities
  • Discover solutions
  • Continue your education
  • To start your career
  • Get business advice and education
Who should attend?

Financial counselors, coaches, students, educators, writers, and planners from the military community. Or anyone interested in a career in personal finance. Or those who want to support the military financial community.


Where is MilMoneyCon24 being held?

San Antonio, TX

Is there a group discount for the hotel?

Yes, the link is coming soon.


How do I attend?

There are two different passes for the conference: Basic and Power Pass.

The Basic Pass is for those who want to attend MilMoneyCon, network, and connect with the community.

The Power Pass is for those who would like to do everything above but also find employment opportunities, increase earning power, and continue their education.

Do I have to be in the military to attend?

No, you do not have to be affiliated with the military to attend, but most content for the conference will be geared towards military financial professionals.


What’s the closest airport?

The closest airport to the hotel is San Antonio International Airport (SAT).

Does the hotel have transportation from the airport?

No, the hotel does not provide transportation to or from the airport.

Where is the hotel located?

San Antonio, TX


How can I speak at MilMoneyCon?

Speaker submissions are currently closed. You can sign up here for the MilMoneyCon updates to get notified when speaker submissions open back up in the Fall of 2024. You can also follow @MilMoneyCon on social media for speaker announcements.

What speaking topics are you looking to cover?

We’re looking for presentations to help others learn and increase their earning power as financial professionals. We want you to share your knowledge, experiences, and expertise. Here are the tracks for the conference:

  • Earn (entrepreneurship/business, writing, hiring, products, sales, services)
  • Future (industries, research, regulation, trends, technology)
  • Grow (career transitions, certification, education, marketing)
  • Practice (communication, government, military, processes, techniques)
Do you have to be military-affiliated to speak at the conference?

You don’t have to be military or government-affiliated to speak, but preference will be given to speaker submissions with a military affiliation.

other stuff

What should I wear?

Wear something for networking and attending sessions. Or whatever you’re comfortable in. When in doubt, nice jeans and a comfy top are great. Don’t forget a light sweater or jacket in case the rooms are cold.

What should I bring?

It’s not required, but here are a few of our favorite things for conferences.

  • Business cards
  • Cell phone (for event app & LinkedIn connecting)
  • Lozenges
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nuun or AirBorne
  • Favorite snickety snack (you’ll need your energy for networking)
  • Refillable water bottle (hydrate!)
  • Note-taking material
  • Light sweater or jacket
  • Chapstick or lip gloss (chatting with chapped lips is no fun)
  • One page/sheet
  • Resume
How can I find a roommate?

Many attendees coordinate to have a roommate to reduce the hotel expenses. Once you purchase a pass to attend MilMoneyCon, you’ll get access to a roommate board to connect with other attendees interested in having a roommate at the conference.

How can I connect with fellow attendees?

There is a conference app MilMoneyCon pass holders will get access to approximately two weeks before the conference start date. The app has the full schedule of events, networking opportunities, and things like coordinating ride-sharing from the airport and images from the conference.

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