Military Food Insecurity-What’s Your Role?

*Preapproved for 1 hour of AFCPE® and MQFP® CEU

Today’s military families are faced with higher rates of food insecurity than the average American family. Factors such as frequent moves, unemployment/underemployment of spouses, and systemic pay problems contribute to this dilemma. The DoD’s 2021 Survey of Active Duty Spouses revealed 25% of respondents experienced food insecurity. How can financial industry professionals be a part of the solutions for these families? How can you best advise families to promote financial decision-making that can help alleviate the paycheck-to-paycheck living that further perpetuates food insecurity? How can you empower military families to stretch their income to cover their basic needs? Join this session to ask questions, discuss, and learn how you can play a key role in helping our military families thrive and overcome food insecurity.