Veterans Benefits Banking, Counseling, and the Relaunch of VetCents

*Preapproved for 1 hour of AFCPE® and MQFP® CEU

The Veterans Benefits Banking Program (VBBP), initiated in 2019, is undergoing a significant transformation. A noteworthy addition to the program is the implementation of a novel search feature on the website, facilitating easy access to information on participating banks and credit unions. The forthcoming panel presentation will feature insights from AFCPE and NFCC, the driving forces behind the provision of free financial and credit counseling within the VBBP. Attendees will gain valuable insights into the trends and findings derived from these counseling sessions, shedding light on the unique financial needs of the Veteran population being served.

Furthermore, the recently unveiled VetCents financial education platform, powered by LifeCents and launched in November 2023, will take center stage. The presentation will delve into the features and functionalities of VetCents, emphasizing its role in offering a personalized pathway for Veterans, VA beneficiaries, and Caregivers. It equips them with the knowledge and resources necessary to navigate their financial landscape effectively.