Mil Spouse to Mil Planner- What Jobs Exist, and What Training Do I Need?

What opportunities are there for military spouses in the financial planning industry? What education should I have? How do I decide what credentials to pursue? Can I work remotely? In this panel, 4 planners will share how they transitioned into the financial planning field as military spouses. They will discuss the various forms of employment options that exist within the financial planning industry and share the knowledge that they wish they had before beginning their journey. They will end with an ask me anything session where spouses aspiring to enter financial planning can get answers to any questions they have.

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Stand Out! Strategies for Career Success in the Military Financial Space

In the competitive landscape of job success, particularly within the financial sector, it's essential to set yourself apart. This engaging and informative session is tailored specifically for financial professionals working with the military, and it will equip you with the tools and insights needed to “Stand Out” in your job and career advancement.

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How to Make Money as an Accredited Financial Counselor®

Military life can make earning money as an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) difficult. The stars have to align just right for an open contract position or for a planning firm or employer to have an open position at your duty location. Join us for a panel discussion with actionable information on how you can make money as an AFC, no matter where the military sends you or after military life. You'll learn practical tips on earning extra income, from writing and coaching to podcasting and sponsorships. Discover the power of networking and decide between starting your own business, finding a job, or a side hustle. Take advantage of this session to take control of your earning ability and make the most of your skills as a financial pro.

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Skillbridge Case Study: A Peek Inside Through Different Perspectives

This session includes an overview and insights into a Skillbridge program opportunity from the perspectives of the organization, RIA owners, and a Skillbridge intern. RIA owners will want to attend to gain insights into how to host their own Skillbridge internship (or any internship). Veterans and spouses will want to attend to learn about a wide range of internship opportunities to get their foot in the independent RIA door.

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Military Food Insecurity-What’s Your Role?

Today’s military families are faced with higher rates of food insecurity than the average American family. Factors such as frequent moves, unemployment/underemployment of spouses, and systemic pay problems contribute to this dilemma. The DoD’s 2021 Survey of Active Duty Spouses revealed 25% of respondents experienced food insecurity. How can financial industry professionals be a part of the solutions for these families? How can you best advise families to promote financial decision-making that can help alleviate the paycheck-to-paycheck living that further perpetuates food insecurity? How can you empower military families to stretch their income to cover their basic needs? Join this session to ask questions, discuss, and learn how you can play a key role in helping our military families thrive and overcome food insecurity.

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