Mil Spouse to Mil Planner- What Jobs Exist, and What Training Do I Need?

What opportunities are there for military spouses in the financial planning industry? What education should I have? How do I decide what credentials to pursue? Can I work remotely? In this panel, 4 planners will share how they transitioned into the financial planning field as military spouses. They will discuss the various forms of employment options that exist within the financial planning industry and share the knowledge that they wish they had before beginning their journey. They will end with an ask me anything session where spouses aspiring to enter financial planning can get answers to any questions they have.

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Threads of Influence: Bias, Countertransference and Transference in Practice

As a financial counselor, coach or planner, your influence as a professional is undeniable. Join us for an engaging discussion in "Threads of Influence," where we explore the complex interplay of personal backgrounds, experiences, and beliefs in your work with clients. Discover how these factors impact client outcomes and relationships, and why it's crucial to minimize their influence ethically.

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Understanding Depreciation

Depreciation is a common business concept that is frequently misunderstood. Paul thoroughly breaks down the topic from the underlying concept to the most common way it impacts military and veteran families - residential real estate rentals.

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Next Steps: What Survivors of Veterans Need to Know

When a loved one dies, even if they have an estate plan, survivors will face many decisions, challenges and obstacles … all while going through the grieving process. Dealing with these tasks can be time-consuming and stressful for even the most well-prepared, financially savvy individuals; adding a maze of military and veterans benefits to the equation only complicates the process. This session reviews the benefits, both military and civilian, a survivor of a veteran may be eligible for and explains the steps needed to access them, along with outlining other actions required in the wake of a veteran’s death.

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Using Yellow Ribbon Benefits to Super-Charge the Post 9/11 GI Bill

Imagine being able to send a family member to one of the most expensive colleges in the United States - for free! The Post 9/11 GI Bill is an enormous benefit of military service. Combined with the Yellow Ribbon program, the GI Bill can pay even more. This can make even very expensive schools possible for military families. We'll start with YR program basics and examples of how it works. Then, we'll share tips to make the YR program work for your students. You'll leave smarter and ready to help clients make the best YR decisions.

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Landmines To Avoid In Military Divorce

Military Divorces … Are They Really Any Different Than Non-Military Divorces? With topics of discussion and aspects ranging from jurisdiction, jargon and terminology, different payroll offices, forms, processes and paystubs; federal rules regarding qualifying for post-divorce healthcare and other benefits, pension division post NDAA 2017, Military Retirement Pay Division Orders, nuances around the Survivor Benefit Plan (SBP), GI Bill Educational Benefits and Transfer of Entitlement (TOE), USFSPA, TSP division, Retirement Benefits Court Orders, VA disability payments and potential rating changes, calculation of Child Support, Spousal Support, FERS Military Service Buy Back Program, and remembering Sly and The Family Stone … “so on and so on, Scooby-Dooby-Dooby” … how would YOU answer that question?

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