Tax Prep: The 6 Figure Side Hustle

During this presentation, I will discuss the steps required to start, brand, and build a 6 figure tax preparation business. Topics will include; Deciding if this side hustle is right for you, the legal steps required to get started, creating your personal brand, and the technology needed to run your business.

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Stand Out! Strategies for Career Success in the Military Financial Space

In the competitive landscape of job success, particularly within the financial sector, it's essential to set yourself apart. This engaging and informative session is tailored specifically for financial professionals working with the military, and it will equip you with the tools and insights needed to “Stand Out” in your job and career advancement.

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How to Make Money as an Accredited Financial Counselor®

Military life can make earning money as an Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) difficult. The stars have to align just right for an open contract position or for a planning firm or employer to have an open position at your duty location. Join us for a panel discussion with actionable information on how you can make money as an AFC, no matter where the military sends you or after military life. You'll learn practical tips on earning extra income, from writing and coaching to podcasting and sponsorships. Discover the power of networking and decide between starting your own business, finding a job, or a side hustle. Take advantage of this session to take control of your earning ability and make the most of your skills as a financial pro.

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Crafting Your Marketing Message to Gain More of the Right Clients

In today's competitive financial industry, creating a marketing message that truly resonates with your target audience is essential. Learn how to craft your marketing messaging to immediately resonate with your ideal clients and to help the suboptimal clients self-select out, saving you time, effort, and your marketing budget. We’ll cover defining your vivid vision and mission statement for the next 1-3 years; crafting an elevator pitch that is clear, concise, and convincing; and writing a catchy tagline for your website & emails to make you memorable to prospective clients.

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Unleash the Power of Social Media to Attract Clients as a Financial Planner!

Harness the power of social media for your firm's success with this electrifying talk—a must-attend for financial planners eager to conquer the digital realm! Our speaker will share his journey from social media zero to hero, breaking down the mystifying world of algorithms, hashtags, and content strategies. And guess what? It's all jargon-free! Focus on what truly matters in Year One: creating killer content. Walk away with a toolkit of actionable tips for crafting irresistible posts, engaging with your dream clients, and building a thriving online community. Discover how to leverage powerhouses like LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to become the go-to financial guru in your niche. If you're a social media newbie, this session is your golden ticket to turning online chit-chat into real, profitable connections. Don't miss this chance to unlock your firm's full potential!

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