Demystifying Backdoor Roth IRA for Military Families

Whether it's during the transition to civilian employment or because combined spouse income is too high, many military families miss out on Roth IRA tax-advantaged savings. Backdoor Roth IRA is a technique that can help families continue to build wealth for their future and suppress their lifetime tax bill. Brian will help savers and practitioners understand the benefits of Backdoor Roth IRA, the alternatives, the technical details, and the "gotchas" to avoid!

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Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Overview

This session will provide an overview of federal financial protections under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, including interest rate benefits, foreclosures, lease terminations, repossessions, and other matters.

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What To Do When Beneficiaries Aren’t Updated: Case Studies with Practical Lessons Learned

Nearly every conversation people have when they talk about investing revolves around either what family and type of funds to use (allocation) or what mix of traditional IRAs, Roth IRAs and taxable accounts to use (tax treatment). Not discussed enough is the importance of building your estate plan early and doing the housekeeping to make execution easy for your loved ones who will have to execute it without your assistance, and while they'll most likely be actively grieving your death or your loss of capability/capacity to handle your own affairs. This session will review real cases of "estate plan cleanup" efforts undertaken at Redeployment Wealth Strategies over the last two years, which cost the affected families substantial amounts of time and money, all of which was avoidable. In addition to stressing the importance of good housekeeping up front, this session will also provide actionable tips for both investment advisors and do-it-yourself investors for things you can do to recover when a less-than-perfect plan has to be executed.

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Medical Retirees: Navigating the Misunderstood Benefits for our Wounded Warriors

Individuals navigating a medical retirement board are often overwhelmed with their challenges and questions, and there is often too little support to help them navigate the transition. Benefit entitlements depend on many factors including disability ratings from both the Department of Veterans Affairs and the Department of Defense. We will discuss questions servicemembers should ask during this process and navigate which benefits they retain depending on whether they are medically separated or retired. We will also dive into unique situations medical retirees need to address with regards to their Survivor Benefit Plan options. We will also explore the Integrated Disability Evaluation System (IDES), a joint process with VA and DoD, to determine if wounded, ill, or injured Service members are fit for continued Military service and provide disability benefits to Service members and Veterans, if appropriate. Information in this session will help Service members understand their benefits and make informed decisions.

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Closing Session

All Hands session on the state of money in the military with Andrew Cohen, the Director of Financial Readiness, Office of the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense (Force Education and Training).

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