Omen Quelvog

Clear Insight Financial Planning

Omen is a 25-year veteran of the Marine Corps, serving both as an enlisted Marine and Officer. In 2019, while still active duty, he found his passion for helping others with their finances. Through an XYPN Radio podcast, Omen connected with Sean Gillespie, Paul Allen, and MFAA – and life has never been the same. Concurrent with his plans to retire from the military, Omen began his studies for the CFP® exam, passing in March of 2023. Shortly thereafter, he attended his first MilMoneyCon in April, retired from the Marine Corps in July, and began his MFAA Skillbridge internship in August. He is currently living his best life; earning experience hours as an Associate Planner and helping those in need of financial advice. He is a marathoner, a road biker, musician, husband of over 24 years, and father of two fantastic young men.