Brandon Lovingier, ChFC®

Enlisted Money

Brandon Lovingier, ChFC®, MQFP® aka The Enlisted Money Guy™, wasn’t born into money. He joined the Army right out of high school and has served over 18 years on active duty so far – including deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. When he was younger, he wasted money on trucks, beer, cigarettes, energy drinks, and everything in between. At one point, he and his wife had to put rent on a credit card just to get by.

Fast forward, they’re debt-free and building wealth. He established his blog, Enlisted Money, to help enlisted service members avoid the same mistakes he made. He earned his Chartered Financial Consultant – ChFC® designation in 2022 and is one of the first Military Qualified Financial Planner – MQFP® designation holders. He was a speaker at MilMoneyCon in 2022 and was selected as the MilMoneyCon Ambassador for 2023. Brandon loves mentoring other service members on their own financial freedom journey.

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