Developing Your Process for Client Sessions That Make it Seem Like You Have Been Doing it for Years!

*AFCPE CEU 1 hour preapproved

As a seasoned mentor, I have worked with many coming into the field of working to help people set and achieve goals when it comes to finances. In this session, I will share things that I have learned when helping the people I mentor to be well prepared for client sessions. You can use the best practices I share to develop a process and cadence in working with clients to be successful. Your clients will think you have been doing this for years!

We will discuss many things including the importance of building rapport and trust, describing your boundaries and process of working with clients, brainstorming, educating clients, strategies for client follow-up and homework, as well as some favorite tools and resources.

You will leave with ideas to help you develop your process for working with clients so it seems like you have been doing it for years! A meeting of military and money minds on important topics in the community.

AFCPE CEU Preapproved Practice