Make Your Point Voting

Ready to share your message and make a difference in our community? Make Your Point is a chance to tell others what’s happening and why it should be on everyone’s radar.

Make Your Point is a peer-voted session where attendees will inspire fellow attendees with ideas, solutions, or problems that everyone in the community should be aware of. It’s the pulse of the military money community.

Your point can be anything to help others. It can be something you’re passionate about, a new coaching method, a solution to a problem, or a concerning financial trend—we’re looking at you Buy Now, Pay Later. Let’s get it on everyone’s radar.

Rising tides lift all ships. By sharing our points we can help each other to have a positive impact in our communities. We help more people by helping each other.

How it Works

Attendees will have the opportunity to submit the subject of their point at the beginning of MilMoneyCon. Fellow attendees get the chance to review the listed topics and vote on the subjects they want to hear more about.

The attendees with the top five topics will get five minutes at the closing All Hands Session to “Make Their Point” to the audience. No slides, just your voice, and your message.

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