Military Tax Experts Alliance

We are a team of military affiliated tax professionals, each with our own independent tax company, on a mission to provide the highest quality tax service to military personnel. We are credentialed as CPAs or Enrolled Agents (EAs), or with the IRS under the Annual Filing Season Program (AFSP), and adhere strictly to stringent state and federal requirements covering tax law, representation rights and rules, and ethics standards.

It can be incredibly difficult to know who to trust when it comes to your taxes. We understand this better than most which is why we formed the Military Tax Experts Alliance. We offer a consolidated network of vetted tax professionals who work with you to guarantee tax compliance and accuracy, both at the federal and state levels.

We want service members and military families to be able to find tax professionals with expertise to deal with military tax situations and who know the military lifestyle because we have lived it. We also want to support each other and support other military service members and military spouses who are in the tax professional industry and those who want to be.