MilMoneyCon values strong community and is committed to providing all attendees with a respectful, collaborative, and uplifting conference experience. To accomplish this, the MilMoneyCon Code of Conduct outlines the expectations of our attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, service providers, and volunteers. Quite simply, MilMoneyCon will not tolerate any of the following behaviors:

  • Discrimination, intimidation, stalking, or harassment of any kind
  • Failure to obey conference venue rules and regulations
  • Lewd and offensive comments, both in person and in online MilMoneyCon platforms
  • Any solicitation of products, promotional materials, and/or services
  • Disruption of any presentations, exhibits, or any MilMoneyCon events

The MilMoneyCon Code of Conduct applies to all conference events, on and off the venue site. It also applies to community-planned meetups and any event sponsored by organizations other than MilMoneyCon, but in conjunction with MilMoneyCon, on or off the venue site.

MilMoneyCon reserves the right to take all necessary and appropriate actions to address Code of Conduct violations, including the immediate and unannounced removal of individuals or groups acting contrary to the values of our community. This could mean exclusion from future MilMoneyCon events.

If you see or experience something, say something! Find a conference staff member or email us at hey@milmoneycon.com so we can take immediate action to resolve the situation.