Tyson Koska


At age 13, Tyson became an entrepreneur for the first time: he opened a snowball stand in his small hometown. This was his first taste of Financial Independence, and he was hooked.

By 20, Tyson was a helicopter pilot in the Army. Although making more than he ever had, he was also the most in-debt. Thanks to Desert Storm and the inability to spend money on ANYTHING, he paid down that debt – another financial lesson learned.

After leaving the military and with GI Bill funds in hand, Tyson earned a Bachelor’s degree in English and a Master’s degree in Philosophy. Faced with few job prospects, however, Tyson turned to I.T. He spent 25 years in software development, working for several large corporations, then founded OnTrajectory.com – a personal finance tool for both consumers and professionals. Tyson’s new life goal is to bring easy and accurate financial modeling to everyone.