Nick Bradfield

EOS Worldwide

Dad. Hubbie. Sgt of Marines. Recovering FinTech Entrepreneur. Guy who has been helped by many and wants to pay it forward.

Nick Bradfield is passionate about entrepreneurship and helping entrepreneurs get more of what they want out of their businesses.

Nick has spent his career honing the leadership traits taught in the military; technical skills learned via formal education, and business acumen acquired on-the-job in the financial services and technology sectors. He has held roles in sales, operations, and leadership at Fortune 500 companies. He ran his own business and has advised multiple startups.

Nick has been featured on numerous podcasts highlighting veterans and entrepreneurship, and has contributed to several personal finance publications such as US News & World Report, Yahoo Finance, Nasdaq, CentSai, and Investopedia. He holds a Master’s Degree in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University.