Melissa Mazard

All Hands Opening Session: Ambassador Program

It’s more than a career, it’s a passion. Melissa’s interest in finance began in a high school Economics class. A brief lesson on budgeting, and she was hooked. That year, she also began working. With her money in hand and her education, she felt unstoppable.

After college, Melissa’s career in money began where she worked with an investment firm. There, she helped clients invest and plan for their financial futures. She enjoyed her work but later left the organization to focus less on sales, and more on financial education and literacy.

Since then, she’s held various roles working with adults and children in one-on-one and classroom settings. She’s managed financial literacy programs and is the owner of Seek the Plan, a financial advising and education firm.

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9:00 AM -
10:15 AM

Rally & Opening Keynote

Salon C & D

Let's start #MilMoneyCon23 off right with a rally and welcome from MilMoneyCon founder, Lacey Langford, followed by our opening keynote speaker, Dr. Eric Elbogen. ...

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Melissa Mazard

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