Exploring Financial Planning Through Paraplanning and Content Creation

Brandon Lovingier will share his continuing journey into the world of financial planning. Depending on where you look, he’s a paraplanner, podcaster, or writer. Learn how he used his military experience to make great connections and get paid to learn! Starting is sometimes the hardest part, but that’s where Brandon’s quirky story can help you the most. His quick-start personality means he’s tried (and sometimes failed) a lot! He will talk about his do’s and dont’s of working a side-gig on active duty. He’ll share how his experience as a recruiter gave him unique marketing skills he didn’t know he had. He will also give his tips on drafting correspondence that will actually get a response. His passion for helping others with their finances and careers is immense. This session is for anyone interested in getting started in financial planning!

Earning and Entrepreneurship