Double Duty: Financial Do’s and Don’ts for Dual Military Couples

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When both members of a couple serve, they benefit from a shared understanding of the mission and life demands that come with putting service before self. Their shared values and dual military careers create advantages and challenges unique to their double-duty lives.

While dual-military couples enjoy the financial advantage of two incomes and twofold benefits; they face double trouble when it comes to PCS assignments, deployments, and mission demands. Add a couple of kids to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for financial challenges created by tag-team deployments, costly long-distance commutes, and sky-high child care expenses.

Across the DoD, approximately 7% of active-duty members are in a dual-military marriage; or looked at another way, one in five military women are married to another service member. Join us to learn the unique financial planning opportunities, challenges, and strategies essential to working with this double-duty military population.

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