How to Increase Your Profit Margins by Doing Business with the Government!

The government is the largest purchaser of products and services in the world. Small businesses are key to the ongoing success of many local, state, and federal agencies. You may be wondering are you able to sell your products or services to the government? Yes, you can. Every year government agencies have monies set aside to buy products and services from small businesses like yours.

Veteran, woman-owned, economically disadvantaged, and minority small businesses are the government needs you.

In this government contracting breakout session, you will learn:

  • What is government contracting,
  • What government agencies buy your products or services,
  • How to determine what the government spends each year in your industry,
  • What government certifications you should consider for your business,
  • How to research and locate government contracting opportunities,
  • How to build the right relationships to better position your business to connect with procurement officers and prime contractors to help win contracts.