Federal Consumer Protection Rights and Financial Benefits for Military Families

Learn the ins and outs of the major federal laws that protect and preserve the financial rights of servicemembers and military families. During this breakout session, you’ll hear from experts at the Department of Justice and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau about how these laws work, some of the cases we’ve brought, and how to help military families who need it. Examples of such protections include limits on lending interest rates, foreclosure, repossession, and others.

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The ABCs of Medicare and TRICARE for Life

While service members, military retirees, and their families are generally familiar with their healthcare options, most people don't understand what happens to their TRICARE coverage when they turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare. I'll explain all the acronyms and buzzwords, when (and how) you need to sign up for Medicare, why you might (or might not) want a Medicare Advantage Plan, and how TRICARE for Life works with Medicare. I’ll also discuss how your Modified Adjusted Gross Income can impact your Medicare premium and the steps you might want to take in the years before you enroll.

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9 Mistakes New Advisors Make

Making a career transition into financial planning can be a rewarding and lucrative journey. But not if your financial planning practice implodes before it starts. Join us as retired Navy veteran and CFP Forrest Baumhover discusses nine critical mistakes that all financial advisors should avoid. Whether you’re starting out or are on your way, you’re sure to bring back some useful insight to keep your practice on track!

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Money In the Middle: Planning, Transitions, and Financial Well-Being

We will discuss taking a life planning approach to supporting clients through major life transitions and phases, including military retirement, career changes, empty nesting, using elements of financial well-being as a framework for exploration. Life transitions often bring changes to our sense of identity, status, purpose, and need/desire for autonomy. Military pensions and benefits can provide a golden opportunity from which to re-imagine our lives for the next phase. The purpose of life planning it to help clients create and live lives of meaning, fulfillment, and satisfaction. This interactive session will explore different ways of supporting our clients, both men and women, through these transitions. Money is the tool that we use to build a great life. Financial planning helps clients have the confidence to use that tool effectively in their own lives.

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Industry Talk: Leveraging the Military Banking Resources for Positive Impact

VBBP, MILDOCS, Armed Forces Financial Guide, Patriot Card, and More! VBBP Learn how Veterans can safeguard their VA benefits. And, how 200,000+ Veterans have converted to direct deposit through the VBBP. FREE financial education, financial counseling, credit counseling, and trusted resources available through VBBP. MILDOCS Free access to a financial preparedness kit created especially for military families. Armed Forces Financial Guide Provides key information on important financial issues. Such as: - qualifying for and accessing service member & military family benefits - reading your LES - everyday finances - planning for the future - and more! Patriot Card A debit card created for Service Members, Veterans, and their families. The Patriot card provides an option to help Veterans manage their monetary benefits.

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Bridging Careers: Financial Influencer and Advisor

Developing a platform to market your business can help build and grow a successful career, but as a financial professional, there can be challenges and roadblocks along the way. Certified Financial Planner and financial influencer Josh Bannerman shares advice and experiences on how being both a financial influencer and advisor can benefit your clients and career. Josh is the founder of Bannerman Wealth Management and co-founder of the award-winning Stacking Benjamins podcast, where he plays the part of “The Other Guy” (AKA OG) on the show.

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